You seem very nice so far!


When we first me I had you installed on a shitty old laptop. You made that computer wonderful again, and fun to use, you were awesome!

Now you are installed on a brand new desktop that can do shit I’ve never even heard of. You are still awesome, but it is time for me to explore something else. I will miss your custom keybindings to lauch d_menu. I really like the look of the OpenBox desktop. I am amazed at how smokin fast you are on that tiny ssd!

It hasn’t all be peaches and cherries though. You know your weird audio volume issues hurt me. Especially with VLC, I’ve known VLC for a long time and never had such trouble. I really hate to say this, but Windows 8 has given me a more stable network connection. I’m sure these are problems we would work through eventually, but not right now.

Maybe someday we will meet again. Maybe not on this computer, maybe on a laptop. I think you would look really nice on a MacBook Air or something similar. Someday….

It is time to give Mint a whirl. I’m downloading Mint 16 Petra 64 bit with Cinnamon desktop environment. I will roll with Mint for a while to see what all the hub-bub is about. Who knows, maybe a month from now I’ll be saying goodbye Mint, hello CrunchBang.

No matter what happens, thanks for all the good times!


terminal info provided by screenfetch

Gauntlet was one of the coolest games there ever was!  I can’t wait for this one.

Browsing through Zite last night I ended up reading some odd articles.  One was about the mental health benefits of writing, specifically keeping a journal.  Then through some “related to this article” like link, I read about the best budget pens.  I will say that again.  I read an article about the best budget pens, yes like pens to write with.

I have never paid too much attention to what kind of pen I’m writing with.  Now that I think about it I am kinda a pen snob, but only because fuck pencils.  You won’t catch me writing with a pencil any time soon.

So apparently people really get into their pens.  This was a discussion about “budget” pens, but some people brought up $200 pens.  $200.

After reading, it did remind me that I do have a sharpie pen that I rather like a lot.  I believe it was one of the top 5 in the budget category.  

I do think I’ll have to explore some of the other top pens.  I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to go with one of these: Fisher Space Pen.

Does anyone have a strong preference in what kind of pen you write with? 

I’m pretty sure this is the coolest song I’ve heard in a long time!

Lets do this!

1. Luke learned that is it NOT COOL to blurt out the outcome of a game (especially Olympic Hockey Gold Medal) while I’m watching it on DVR delay.  I wasn’t quite hardcore enough to start watching at 6am, but I did start at 7am.  As the 3rd period was starting for me, Luke came down and informed me that Canada had just won.

2. Zak really really REALLY badly needs some help with his chess strategy.

3. We (me and Luke) saw the last NDSU Bison wrestling match at the Bison Sports Arena.  He was into it for the first 3 or so matches, not so much on the following 7 but we stayed for them all to see NDSU whoop up on SDSU!

kinda inspired by /r/distrohopping

I just built a new computer and I’m really getting into CrunchBang Linux so far.  I just have a hard time not trying out others flavors of Linux - they are just so much fun!

So I’m going to install Sabayon Linux onto another partition and use that for a month.  Then I’ll decide if I like Sabayon or CrunchBang better.  The other one will get overwritten by another new OS which I will use for a month.  Then another decision will be made about which OS I want to keep and which will get dumped again.  Maybe a year from now I’ll be happy and be able to stick to a single OS.

Just off the top of my head, here are some that I would try for a month: (what should I add to the list?)

  • CrunchBang
  • Sabayon
  • Bridge
  • openSUSE
  • Fedora
  • Mint
  • Elementary
  • Mageia

This is my current desktop (I’m still waiting for a bigger monitor to be shipped).

I’m not sure how this information made it to me, but this is impressive.

I went to show the boys where Grandpa and Grandma are staying tonight, and after typing only the 4 digits of the address, the first suggestion is the address of their hotel. 

Google Knows Everything.

That’s a good looking beer fridge.